Thursday, June 9, 2011

project 3 final submission

Initial concept model of architectural strategy from precedent study. Room sizes and proportions were estimated based on the program of the double house, and various configurations were experimented with. This led to the final organisation of spaces within the house for both clients.

Presentation panels

Panel 1 - The development of the precedent study in the last two projects, showing which aspects led to adopting an architectural strategy as a starting point in the design of the double house.

Panel 2 - Images of the massing model in the 1:500 site model. These show the house in the broader context of Potts Point. They show the density of the area, and how the house responds to the restrictions of the adjacent buildings.

Panel 3: Plans and sections of the house at 1:100

1:100 model including adjacent buildings, footpath and part of Victoria St.

The model shows the general form of the double house with openings, the central shared garden and art display space, and relationship to the site in general. The landscape was intended to be intertwined with the house to create a strong connection with nature despite the somewhat introvertedness of the house itself. This builds on Loos' idea of private, introverted domestic life in Villa Muller, however integrates the landscape to open up the central axis of the house.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

more beautiful landscape drawings

All from "Garrett Eckbo: Modern Landscapes for Living"

Garrett Eckbo

From his thesis study 'Contempoville':

House and garden developed as an organic unit which will present a compelling setting for the "more abundant life." The garden flows into the house; the house reaches out into the garden. . . . Nature will dominate these gardens because the plant material is so placed that it can continue its growth with a minimum of interference by the hand of man"

landscape drawings - inspiration

In my project I want there to be a strong interaction with nature. As such, the garden is integral in establishing a relaxing environment for specific parts of the programme. Different parts of the house will wrap around the landscape in order to achieve a rich dialogue between house and garden. Below are some drawings from a couple of landscape architects who inspire me in achieving this and the kind of drawings I want to produce for the final submission.

Geoffrey Bawa landscape drawings

Utzon drawing: houses in Fredensborg

Various landscape drawings from "Relating architecture to landscape" by Jan Birksted

Some of my progress drawings